COVID-19 - Message to Employees

Dear Certus Employees,

We are in unprecedented times.  It’s a time of great stress and the work you are doing is most critical.  We are providing vital services to our most vulnerable members of society and our residents are depending on us.

Certus Healthcare is so grateful for the work you are doing.  Every single employee is a true Hero.  Your efforts are being noticed and recognized by people all across our state and country.  We have always known how special our employees and facilities are for the care and services they provide, and it is nice to see that recognition extending beyond our walls.

We are on the front lines of this war and most of the work we do cannot be done from home.  We’ve implemented a series of preventative health measures for employees to further protect our essential work force.  We continue to monitor the guidance of our local health department and the CDC and will continue to implement measures that protect our employees and residents physical, social and mental well-being.

We share the same fears as you and we know this causes stress for everyone.  There is no manual for what we are dealing with during this pandemic.

We are solely focused on the health and safety of our staff, your families, our residents, our doctors, our contractors, our vendors and all our support staff in this most difficult time.  We know that we’re going to get through this, together.



Jason DiPasqua

COO/Owner, Certus Healthcare


Andrew Fishman

Owner, Certus Healthcare