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Success Story!

“The therapy team truly exceeded my expectations. Thank you all, including those behind the scenes, who worked hard to help me be ready to go home.” – Renee

Success Story!

“The whole Therapy Department worked steadily with me and brought me back to as normal a functionality as I can be until I get my prosthesis sooner than even I expected.” - James

Success Story!

Annie has been making great progress in therapy services. She can now stand for three minutes and has increased her arm strength. Great job, Annie!

Secured Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

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Short-Term Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care

Kent Healthcare is committed to a higher quality of life for those we serve. Our patients receive:

patient-focused care

that serves physical and emotional well-being.

customized wellness plans

that suit their individual needs, interests and lifestyles.

The freedom to live as independently as possible

including the ability to choose their own foods, activities, and personal schedules.

Care provided by healthcare professionals

dedicated to excellence and continuing education.

A wide variety of restaurant-quality meals

with special menu items available upon request.

enrichment activities

in a loving and homelike atmosphere.

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Comprehensive Rehabilitation

(Physical, Speech and Occupational therapy)

Testimonials & Rehab Results

Patient: Renee Costilow

Diagnosis: Spinal Stenosis

Physician(s): Wagner

Length of stay: Short term

Renee Costilow arrived at Kent Healthcare and Rehabilitation 12/23/2018. Renee’s diagnosis was spinal stenosis with L2-4 fusion. Renee participated with physical and occupational therapy during her stay. At the beginning of physical therapy, Renee required assist for bed mobility, transfers, and could walk 10 feet with contact guard assist and use of 2-wheeled walker. With hard work with PT, Renee discharged ambulating 200 feet, going up and down stairs, rolling in bed, and completing transfers safely. At the beginning of occupational therapy, Renee required max assist to bath, stand by assist for toileting task, max assistance for lower body dressing, and was tolerating standing 1-2 minutes. After working with occupation therapy, Renee was able to safely complete activities of daily living, transfers, and light home tasks with modified independence and good safety awareness for spinal precautions. Renee was able to safely don/doff shoes post education and with use of assistive device and stand for 15 minutes for home tasks.  Renee has some very kind words to say about the therapy team here at Kent Healthcare, “the therapy team truly exceeded my expectations. From evaluation to discharge, they worked with me, educated me, encouraged me, and motivated me. I am much stronger because of these ladies. Thank you all, including those behind the scenes, who worked hard to help me be ready to go home.”  Renee worked hard and met her goal for safe home going!

Patient: Annie Cooper

Diagnosis: Difficulty Walking

Physician(s): Agarwal

Length of stay: Long Term

Annie Cooper, a long-term resident here at Kent Healthcare and Rehabilitation since 2/19/18 was referred to therapy services due to 2 recent falls. Annie began working with OT on 2/5 and continues services at this time. Annie has already made great progress! Goals of therapy included increasing safety with transfers, increase standing tolerance for completing ADLs, and increase arm strength through a home exercise program. At evaluation, Annie was a moderate assist of 2 for a sit to stand transfer, at this time Annie requires stand by assist to complete the transfer task. Annie was standing for 15-30 seconds, currently can stand for 3 minutes to complete ADLs. OT has created an individualized exercise program to increase upper extremity strength and at this time Annie completes 25 reps of these exercises, which has increased her arm strength which has led to increased safety and independence with transfers. Annie continues to work hard with therapy and really enjoys her time spent in the therapy gym. Annie is making great progress and increasing strength, function, and independence! Great job Annie!

The whole Therapy Department worked steadily with me and brought me back to as normal a functionality as I can be until I get my prosthesis sooner than even I expected. I appreciate the prompt responses to call lights. I would recommend Kent Healthcare and Rehabilitation to ANYONE needing services. Several stays here can back this up!

Many thanks to Management for allowing us to use the conference room several times for family gatherings.


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