Safe+Care+Dedication = Certus Employees

We salute the men and women in the Healthcare industry who are on the front line fighting every day.

Truly Personalized Care

Short-term Rehabilitation and Long-term Care

Blue Sky Living

*New* Blue Sky Living Dementia Communities program, now available at all facilities. Contact any one of our centers to find to discover the difference.

Success Story!

At one time, Janet required maximum assistance with self-care. She was recently discharged to assisted living after regaining her independence. Congratulations, Janet!

Success Story!

At one time, Shelley required maximum assistance with self-care. After a few short months, Shelley regained her independence and was discharged. Well done, Shelley!

Success Story!

Maxie has been working hard in therapy with the goal of returning home to his wife. He has made great progress and has already met his speech therapy goals. Great work, Maxie!

Success Story!

Carol has been working diligently in therapy after spraining her ankle. Thanks to her hard work, her ankle strength and range of motion has returned to normal. Great job, Carol!

Our Certus Heroes

Certus Healthcare is made up of skilled nursing facilities throughout Ohio offering comprehensive care and the highest quality of life possible for those we serve.

Our patients receive:

patient-focused care

that serves their physical and emotional well-being.

customized wellness plans

that suit their individual needs, interests and lifestyles.

The freedom to live as independently as possible

including the ability to choose their own foods, activities, and personal schedules.

Care provided by healthcare professionals

dedicated to excellence and continuing education.

A wide variety of restaurant-quality meals

with special menu items available upon request.

enrichment activities

in a loving and homelike atmosphere.

Vision: Our Certus Family is committed to providing loving care and quality service to our residents and their families; by creating an environment where everyone's voice is heard and makes a difference. 

Mission: We are inspired to do better, push ourselves to become stronger, and strive to bring our best. We treat your family like our own family. We do that by being family focused while in our care and assure they are in a truly personalized environment

C – Compassion: Certus Provides compassionate care to our family and yours

E – Empathy: We strive to listen and understand the needs of our residents and their families

R -Reliability: Certus provides the highest quality of care, giving the best quality of life possible for your loved ones resulting in a truly personalized culture 

T – Thoughtful: We honor the respect and dignity of our residents and Certus Family 

U – Uplifting: Our Certus family is inspired to bring quality of life and longevity to our communities by providing state-of-the-art care in a positive environment

S – Sincere: We empower our residents to live the best life possible in the safest way